Permanent wave



Welcome to our permanent wave service!

We understand that a perm is not just a change in your hair texture, but also a way to add volume, texture and definition to your hair. Our experienced team of hairdressers are on hand to ensure you get the perfect perm to suit your individual wants and needs.

Our consultation begins by analyzing your hair structure, hair history and personal style. We take the time to understand your wishes and then suggest different perming techniques to suit your hair. Whether you’re looking for a loose, natural wavy effect or striving for a textured, voluminous curl, we’re here to help you achieve your desired hair texture.

Our team is familiar with the latest trends and techniques in perm treatment. We can recommend different roll sizes, winding techniques and solutions to achieve the desired result. We also consider the care and maintenance of your perm to ensure that your new look stays beautiful and healthy for a long time.

Our advice does not end with the corrugation process. We also give you tips and recommendations on hair care and styling so that you can optimally care for and style your curls. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your new curls and ready to take on the world with your voluminous, curly hair.

With our permanent wave service, your satisfaction is our top priority. Let our professional team advise you and treat yourself to the perfect perm that expresses your personality and makes your hair shine!


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