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Balayage with tinting


Botox treatment


Cutting and styling


Expected duration :

You can use this service once or twice. If it is a one-off, this takes four and a half to five hours. If you would like to enjoy this service twice, the first time is just Balayage and the second time is Botox and cutting, or the first time is Balayage and cutting. The second time, Botox, lasts two and a half to three hours each time

Suitable for all hair types

Valid for 1 year. Partial redemption possible for services and for the purchase of products in our boutique. Cash payment or exchange not possible


  • First of all, we clear the hair with the latest products and the balayage technique, which leads to a very good result. This technique is intended for those who want to change the color of their hair while preserving their natural beauty, especially the type of hair.
  • In the second step, we treat the cheeks with Botox technology, this new revolutionary technology that gives brilliance and strength to the cheeks and, above all, protects them from damage after the coloring process in which we use the latest technologies and equipment that you are using. la première fois.
  • In the final step, after you have consulted us and put all our experience at your disposal, we will cover your hair so that it suits you and enhances your beauty.




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